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Candle Refills

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Refill your favourite jars with our 100% pure soy wax and your desired scent! 

150ml or less = $10.00

150ml to 300ml = $15.00

300ml to 500ml = $20.00

600ml+ = Please request a quote by contacting us here.

** Please note if jars are dirty there is a $10.00 cleaning fee. **

To determine the amount of wax required you can weigh your candle jar, press tare and then fill your candle with water and weigh it again - the weight will determine the amount of wax required.

To clean your jars you simply need to fill them with hot water and leave them sitting for a couple of hours until the wax sets on top of the water, from there you then can just remove the wax from the top of the jar and then clean out your jar with hot soapy water. IMPORTANT NOTE: Ensure that you do this over the sink with caution as some glasses can shatter/explode if the water is too hot. 

To add multiple jars, simply select each size and fragrance option you would like for each. 

When checking out please select 'PICK UP' option, from there we will then contact you with the drop off and collection address to arrange your refills.